Production Manager Absent Procedure

When the production manager (Ruth) is absent, Nika will fill in.
  1. 1

    Production Manager Notifies of Absence

    • Ruth will notify Nika and Erik of her absence  before 7:45 am. (the sooner the better)
  2. 2

    Nika notifies all staff of Ruth's absence

    • Nika will verbally tell production staff of Ruth's absence.
    • Nika will notify sales and admin staff either verbally or via SLACK.
  3. 3

    CSR's will cover for Nika's Office Work

    • The CSR's (Shelby, Cassie) will help cover Nika's office work.
      • Enter orders, answer phones etc. 
      • Nika will meet with them before she heads to the factory.
  4. 4

    Nika's Responsibilities in the factory

    • Schedule production jobs. (Embroidery and Digital)
    • Send and receive designs using
    • Check and respond to Ruth's emails
    • Process orders in shopworks and turn completed orders into invoicing.
    • Create mockups
    • Answer contract customer questions. 
  5. 5

    Nika checks to see if Ruth is feeling better

    • Nika will call Ruthie to see if she is feeling better and if she will be at work the next day.
  6. 6

    If Ruth is still sick and not coming in.

    • If Ruth is still sick, Nika will continue to fill in for Ruth.