New Hire Training

"Teamwork overcomes raw talent"

Training Procedures for New Hires

  • Training a new hire will be done by a team.
  • We will teach the new hire our internal processes and procedures. 
  • The training will be broken down by departments. The experts in each department will be the trainer and to go to person for questions.
    • Office
    • Production
    • Art
    • Operations
  • The training currently will be on-the-job training by each department trainer.
  • We will develop training procedures as we go.  Eventually we will have a training program. 
  1. 1

    We are a Team

    • We will work together to train the trainee.
    • We will be open-minded and helpful when a trainee asks questions.
    • There is never a "dumb" question.
    • The trainee will be embraced by ALL employees. 
    • The trainee should never feel like a burden when asking questions. 
    • We will make sure the trainee doesn't feel overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed. 
    • The more questions from the trainee the BETTER. There are a lot of processes to learn here. 
    • We will all be HUMBLE.
  2. 2


    • Senior sales representative
    • Go to person with questions on office procedures.

  3. 3


    • Production Manager
    • Go to person with questions on production.
  4. 4


    • Artist
    • Go to person with questions concerning artwork.
  5. 5

    Operations Manager

    • Shopworks 
    • Computer questions
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Accounting
    • Any other question that doesn't fall in the above categories.
  6. 6

    Weekly Training Meetings after production meeting

    • Trainees and trainers will meet in the conference room to discuss the training for the week. Quick 15 minute meeting.
    • Discuss trainee questions
    • Point out issues for the trainee to improve on.
    • Create training procedures for future employees
    • The trainee will be deemed trained when all department trainers agree they are ready to go.