Embroidery Art Flow

  1. 1

    Sales Rep gets art files from customer

    Questions to Ask to get the best artwork. 
    • Do you have brand standards guide?
    • Do you have a vector file?
    • Do you have a high resolution .jpg (over 300 dpi)
    • Do you have a business card? 
    You must likely will get a high resolution .jpg
    Bigger companies will have a brand standards guide.
  2. 2

    Sales Rep Sends Artwork to Artist

    1. Complete the Wufoo art form
  3. 3

    Artist Reviews Files

    • If artwork is good, artist will create logo mockups on garments
    • If artwork is poor, the artist will vectorize.
  4. 4

    Artist Creates Virtual Mockup

    • Mockup includes logo and garment colors
    • Use Proofstuff to send mockup
  5. 5

    Customer Approves Logo

    • Once the customer approves the virtual sample we will do two things

    1.  Send artwork to qdigitizing.com for embroidery
    2. Send file to the Kornit to print a sample shirt. 
  6. 6

    Production Manager downloads .dst file from Qdigitizing

    1. Production Manager downloads the .dst file and places on the server
    2. The production department samples the embroidery logo.
  7. 7

    Print Sample T-shirt on the Kornits

    • Artist sends file to the Kornit 
    • Operator prints a sample shirt.
    • Operator brings the sample to Artist
    • Artist reviews the sample and gives to the sales rep
  8. 8

    Embroidery and T-shirt sample presented to customer

    • The sales rep will present the embroidery sample and the dtg t-shirt. 
    • "Do you want fries with that?"
    • Sales rep upsells the customer into t-shirts.
    • Deal: $12.00 per t-shirt  (12 total t-shirts). It's only $144.00. Great deal for the customer.