Classifying Customers

It is important that we classify our customers using the following schedule. This classification is so that we can market to specific groups with specific products that apply to them.
  • Corporate: This the general catch all for all customers and leads who are end users of our products.
  • Contract/Deco: This is for customers who are buying our services for resale. They generally send us their merchandise for us to embellish.
  • Emblem: These are customers who purchase emblems. We use this distinct classification so we can market for re orders.
  • Fire/Police: Any customer that is a fire department or a police department falls under this classification.
  • School: Any type of educational institution falls under this classification
  • Construction: Any customer who is involved in the construction industry.
  • Medical: This includes any customer who is in the medical or health field. (Dentists, hospitals, clinics)
  • Retail: Customers who buy finished product from us for resale. (Hawk shirts, resort designs)
  • Food Service: Restaurants, bars, any place food is served.
  • Military: Armed forces, Military units
  • Sub Vets: This is a special classification for caps we sell to the Sub Vet Bases in the United States. There are 113 bases.
It is important that when you set up a new customer you use the preceding classifications