The 7 C's of Product Suggestion by Sanmar

The 7 C’s of Product Suggestion
Extensive, reliable product knowledge is the fastest way to earn a customer’s confidence and become their trusted advisor.  Product knowledge comes from experience; don’t expect to know it all over night.  Asking questions is the easiest way to narrow down choices and offer the best product solution.  An opportunity to earn potential business is when a customer is “shopping”.  What are you working on right now?  What can we help you find?  How can I assist you and make your job easier?
  • Is there a specific style? (Tee vs. Sport Shirt vs. Woven, etc.)
  • Are there any neckline requirements? (Flat Knit collar vs. Johnny Collar or Crew vs. V-neck, etc.)
  • What about long-sleeve vs. short-sleeve?
  • Do they need extended sizing or trendy, junior sizing.
  • Is there a particular color they are looking for?   (Can it be any shade of blue or does it have to be Navy?  Can it have some tipping or does it have to be solid?)
  • How many are they looking for?  (This allows you an opportunity to check your Suppliers stock; preferably immediately to avoid recommending a specific shirt only to find there is not enough stock.)
  • Do they need 100% cotton?  Moisture wicking? Pique or Jersey? Easy-care? Fade resistant? Anti-microbial? Snag Resistant?
  • What is the price range they are working with?   Use the range as a guide but don’t let it discourage you from offering a good/better/best scenario.
  • Do they need coordinating Men’s and Ladies styles?
  • Adult and youth?
  • What industry is this for?  Bank teller vs Wait staff, Golfer vs Pro-shop associate, Seattle barista vs Miami bartender.
  • Working at a desk or doing heavy lifting?
  • Is this an indoor or outdoor event?
By asking the right questions, you are able to narrow down the options and offer exactly what your customer is looking for.  Whenever possible, offer a good/better/best option.  Don’t forget to support your suggestion with a Marketing Tool.   
  • “Can I email you my suggested styles?  It will have the image, description and color options to help you make an informed decision.”
  • Offer to order samples for your customer to see in person.  
  • Would sending this sample in a presentation box be that extra step to secure the order?