Preferred ASI Vendors: ETS, Iclick, Bag Makers

We are limiting our ASI Vendors to companies we have a good business relationship with. Our Top 3 ASI Vendors for 2018 will be the following. The website will only feature these vendors.
I added a small inconspicuous link  on the footer of our homepage to the full promo catalog if necessary.
If we can't satisfy a good customer with our Top 3 suppliers: We require a $1,000.00 minimum order from our customer. Orders less than $1,000.00 need management approval.

Preferred Vendors
  • ETS Express: 
  • Iclick
    • Pens, USB Drives Supplier
    • 800-456-9177
    • Vendor# 2427
    • Seattle, WA 
  • Bag Makers
    • Bags, Tote Bags, Plastic Bags etc.
    • Vendor 2398
    • 800-458-9031
    • Union, IL
  1. 1

    Website Only Features: Bag Makers, ETS Express and Iclick

    Our website will only showcase our preferred vendors:  
    Bag Makers
    ETS Express

  2. 2

    Hidden Link to Full Promo Catalog

    Our full Promo Catalog is located on the link on the front page.

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    Video: Promo Products on website

    short video by erik highlighting the website
    Link to Video