Emblems Pre-2010

Embroidered Emblems

Northwest Embroidery has a strong business relationship with the Yung Ming Group in Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China. We have been doing business the Yung Ming group since 1983. Yung Ming has been in business for over 20 years and operates approximately  300 heads of embroidery and 500 employees operating 24 hours a day. Their price structure is such that Northwest can no longer do any emblem orders in our factory economically.
Pricing Emblem orders:
Use our standard emblem price list, which is based on size and quantity. Amount of coverage doesn’t matter because we have built this into our price list. Emblem size is length + width divided by 2 to give price list size. For irregular sizes (circles, shields, etc. use the longest size) For large orders, special pricing, or rush delivery contact Jean Lin at Yung Ming direct. Her e-mail is ymjbk@him13.net.

Art work

Artwork must be clean and camera ready. Please advise customer that there will be extra charge if art is not clean. Pencil doodles are not acceptable art work.
Thread colors: Yung Ming has provided us with their emblem thread chart. Try to use this when writing an order for emblems. They also have the Robinson Anton thread chart, which they can use for reference. Yung Ming will reference the Robinson Anton chart for all orders. The objective is to be clear when sending the information to Yung Ming.
Material color: Use the Yung Ming material color chart.
Art or design number: All designs will have a C control number. The C is for China and we have a separate directory in Microsoft access to record these numbers.
Our policy is no samples unless the order is for more than 300 pieces. On orders over 300 pieces where a sample is required add an additional 2 weeks to get it back from Taiwan. We do not want to digitize emblem samples in our factory.
Delivery averages 4 weeks from the date we transmit the order to Yung Ming. We can reduce this time period but we must get permission from Yung Ming before committing to any delivery date. There is an additional rush charge (airfreight and customs) because we are shipping less than bulk cargo. Always e-mail Jean ymjbk@him13.net with the artwork and delivery request.
Delivery schedule starts from the date the order is approved by the customer.
Procedure for Emblem orders:
All emblem orders are to be written up in the shopworks program as an advertising specialty order.
Assign C number from the Taiwan New file for the order for art reference. Use the C number in the art work section of the work order. The C number is our control number to communicate our orders with Yung Ming.
Use emblem form in Transfill to record all information regarding the emblem order. (no transfill form yet)
Events to make an emblem order happen.
  1. Good clean art work from customer
  2. Completed advertising specialty order in Shopworkx (prices, colors, artwork, delivery schedule)
  3. Assign a Taiwan control number from Access. (This is how we keep a permanent record and control number for all emblem orders which have been sent to Yung Ming)
  4. Start an advertising Specialty purchase order in Shopworkx. (Yung Ming will confirm prices to Greg.)
  5. Transmit order to Taiwan (Tim can help you do this if your unsure about scanning and e-mailing)
  6. Send our digitized program if we have it. (Tim can help you with this)
  7. Assure that Taiwan has confirmed receipt of order. Request that Jean at Yung Ming e-mail you back with a delivery date.
  8. Yung Ming will e-mail Greg a pro forma invoice. Greg will complete the pricing of your purchase order for cost control purposes.
  9. Give your completed order to Greg. Greg will finalize the purchase order pricing and put in the Taiwan box in the receiving area. When the order comes in Nicole will ship the order to our customer and Jane will invoice.
  10. Keep in contact with Jean at Yung Ming to ensure your order is shipping on time especially for rush orders.