Checklist:Embroidery Checker

  • Produce embroidered mock ups for customer approvals
  1. 1

    Sales Rep Sends Design to the Embroidery Checker

    • Use our form
    • Include
      • Design #
      • Garment Colors
      • Customer Name
      • Placement
      • Sales Rep
  2. 2

    Create Mockup

    • Use the Wilcom Truesizer 
    • Mock up design on each color way
    • Place on garment color
    • Send to Sales Rep via email for customer approval
  3. 3

    Customer Approves the Proof

    • Save the completed mockup on the server
    • Print the mock up in color using the Wilcom
    • Create a new SWATCH card 
    • Toss the old run card away
    • Update Shopworks Variations and Thumbnail
  4. 4

    Customer Declines Proof

    • Talks to sales rep about what the customer wants changed
    • Edit the mock up and send a new one. 
    • Delete the incorrect mock up. 
  5. 5

    Garments Arrive

    • Garments are in the staging area
    • Move order to embroidery machine
      • In the Work Order Jacket
        • Freshly printed work order
        • Color Mock ups from Wilcom
        • Swatch Card (previously Run Card)
        • Variations from Shopworks