Customer Dating Game

The Dating Game: “We treat every customer like it’s our first date”
How do you meet the first date?
  • Online
  • Referral
  • Cold Call
Schedule the first date?
  • Phone
  • Text
  • In person
Preparing for the first date
  • Google and Facebook their name. Find out about them
  • First impression: Freshly pressed clothes.
On the Date: (customer walking in showroom)
  • Talk and learn about the person
  • See if there is a match
  • Pay for the dinner
  • Tell them about yourself
  • Go above and beyond
2nd Date (reorder)
  • Wait some time and schedule a 2nd date (reorder)
  • Find out how the 1st date went.
  • Hopefully everything went well (order quality) on the date.
  • Follow up
3rd – 4th Date:
  • You become more relaxed because you THINK the date is a sure thing.
  • Start wearing wrinkled clothes, don’t shave.
  • Your true colors shine. Bad manners.
  • No follow up and giving love.
  • No sending flowers
  • You get laid back thinking I can do anything because you are married.
  • Eventually, if you don’t keep on giving the LOVE you will get divorced.
  • Lose the customer to another person (company)
What upsets a customer and a date?
  • Lack of communication
  • Not listening
  • Sloppy
  • Unattentive
  • Not showing up on time (missing due dates)
  • No flowers (wows)
  • Sendout cards
  • Check ins.