CSR responsibilities when a sales rep is out of the office

When a sales rep is out of the office we need to keep their orders moving just like the sales rep is here.
CSR Duties
  • Work with the sales reps customer.
    1. Input orders
      • Reorders are easy.
      • New orders you may have to wait for the sales rep to return, so they can pick new product and pricing.
    2. Get new artwork started and follow-up on art approvals
    3. Send out order approvals and follow-up on approvals waiting.
    4. Get the garments on order from the vendor. It’s important to get the garments here asap.
  • Customer Communication
    1. Check sales reps emails and respond to the inquiry.
    2. Assist the customer to the best of your ability. The customer will understand if you don’t always know the answer. You can always ask another sales rep.
    3. Always get back to a customer. Don’t leave a customer hanging.
    4. Remember, we are selling t-shirts. Nothing is life or death. Just give good customer service.