Locking Doors and Closing Buildings

  • The last person leaving for the night must lock doors, turn off lights and close windows. 
  • Building Keys: Erik will assign keys.
  • Borrowing Keys: If you borrow a building key you must return it to Erik.
  1. 1

    Locking up Front Office

    • Lock Dead Bolt and Snap Lock on Front Door
    • Close all office doors
    • Close all windows
    • Turn off all monitors
    • Make off lights. 
      • The switches are in odd spots.
    • Erik office has two switches. One by door. The 2nd is on the right wall when walking in. Above Erik's printer.
  2. 2

    Locking up Digital Print Warehouse

    • Lock the garage door
    • Lock the door next to the garage door. Dead bolt and snap lock.
    • Turn off all lights.
      • Lights are in odd ball locations. There are some switches by the door to the bathrooms.
    • Lock the door going to the factory. Dead Bolt and Snap Lock
    • Verify lights are turned off in the back store room.
    • Check all windows
    • Check monitors.
  3. 3

    Locking up Factory (2nd building)

    • Lights are in odd ball places. 
    • You will need to flip off the lights on the circuit breaker panels.
    • Lock Doors:
      • Factory doors, office and lunchroom.