Receiving Garments

  1. 1

    Orders delivered by UPS, Fedex, PSST, US Mail

    • UPS arrives between: 8 am - 2 pm (primary carrier)
    • Fed Ex arrives throughout the day. Sometimes there are 2 deliveries in one day
    • PSST (pack separately, ship together) Sanmar: Arrives via UPS. If the order is big, it will be shipped via Oak Harbor.
    • US Mail: arrives usually between 10 am - 12 pm
  2. 2

    Sort incoming freight

    • Print out the PSST daily manifest from Sanmar.
    • Receiving clerk to check on Rush orders with the purchasing clerk.
    • Order of importance
      1. Rush orders to be counted first: (purchasing to notify receiving clerk)
      2. Replacement orders (purchasing to notify receiving clerk)
      3. Back Orders (purchasing to notify receiving clerk) 
      4. Receive remaining orders by due dates
  3. 3

    How to check in a box

    • Remove packing list from the box
    • Pull up the purchase order in Shopworks.  (The PO# is located on the shipping packing list)
    • Print the Work Order
    • Remove items from the box
    • Verify the garment matches the packing slip and our purchase order. 
      • Verify size, style, color, 
    • Put garments back into the box
    • Mark in shopworks Received
    • Print the box label.
    • Do NOT put the work order in the box
    • Move box to staging: Embroidery, DTG area
  4. 4

    Box is incorrect

    • Continue Receiving and set the incorrect item to the side. (in our designated return space)
    • This will be a partial receive in Shopworks
    • Make note of missing garment on the order (front page of the work order)
    • Move the box with the correct garments to the production staging area.
    • After receiving the entire shipment from UPS, talk to the Purchasing Clerk about the incorrect garments
    • The purchasing clerk will reorder and get a RA# and label.
  5. 5

    Partial Orders

    • Check Sanmar website to see when and where the other parts are coming from. 
      • Other vendors, please ask the purchasing clerk.
    • The partial order goes into production if the remaining pieces will arrive within 2-3 business days.
      • Depends on size of order. If a huge order move to production.
    Partial Orders: 
    Placed on the partial order receiving shelf.