Pre-Vacation Policy

Before taking scheduled time off for a holiday vacation or other type of vacation you should do the following to ensure that nothing important is missed or “falls through the cracks.”


  1. Make a list of all case deadlines that will come due during your absence, and up to 3 business days after your scheduled return.
  2. Provide that list of deadlines to your immediate supervising attorney.
  3. Arrange to have someone else in the office do whatever work is necessary to meet those deadlines.


  • Ensure that you will be able to check your inbound emails at least once each workday, by 4 pm PST.
  • If you receive a case related mail that ordinarily is forwarded to our client then forward the email, with a CC to _______. In the forwarding email advise the client that _______ will be available to answer any questions or take any necessary action. 

Inbound Phone calls

Prior to departing on vacation inform our virtual receptionist service that they are to redirect case-related calls to _______.