Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. Policy 02-2021 Code of Ethics

This code of ethics applies equally to all employees and contractors of the Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co., and all employees and sub-contractors credentialed by the Building Science Institute and employed by verification organizations.


I will perform my work with honesty, diligence, and responsibility; observe and comply with any applicable legal requirements; demonstrate my competence while performing my work; perform my work in an impartial manner, i.e., remain fair and unbiased in all my dealings; and be sensitive to any influences that may be exerted on my judgment while carrying out verification activities or quality/conformity assessments.

Fair Presentation

Findings, conclusions, and reports must reflect truthfully and accurately my activities, whether verification or quality assessments. Significant obstacles encountered during an assessment and unresolved diverging opinions between the quality assessment team and the verification organization must be reported. The communication must be truthful, accurate, objective, timely, clear, and complete.

Due Professional Care

I must exercise due care in accordance with the importance of the task I perform and the confidence placed in me by the client and other interested parties. An important factor in carrying out my work with due professional care is the ability to make reasoned judgments in all verification or assessment situations.


I must exercise discretion in the use and protection of information acquired in the course of my duties. Information must not be used inappropriately for personal gain by me or the client, or in a manner detrimental to the legitimate interests of the client. This concept includes the proper handling of sensitive or confidential information.


I must be independent of the activity being verified or assessed for conformance, and must in all cases act in a manner that is free from bias or conflict of interest. For internal quality assessments, Quality Assessment Designees must be independent from the operating managers of the verification function. I must maintain objectivity throughout the verification and assessment processes to ensure the findings and conclusions are based on evidence.

Evidence-Based Approach

Verification and assessment evidence I collect must be verifiable. It will, in general, be based on samples of the information available, since a verification or assessment is conducted during a finite period of time with finite resources.

Approved by the Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. Quality Council on December 17, 2021
Approve: Amber Wood, Kevin Burk, Brian Christensen
Reject: None
Not Voting: Mat Gates, Brett Dillon (Chair)

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