CSSC Service Development Award

Name of award or bursary?CSSC Service Development Award 
Responsible officer or team member?BSG Clinical Services & Standards Committee (CSSC) Manager
Amount and details of award?The winnerapplicant/s will receive free registration for the day and a £500 award for the winner, £300 for 2nd, and £100 for 3rd place (new for 2022). The award ceremony will take place at the BSG annual conference.

The winner will also receive a framed certificate. The certificate is sent as PDF via email if Annual Meeting is digital.
ScopeThis is for an individual or team that has made a demonstrable impact on patient care by innovative service improvement.
CriteriaApplicants must demonstrate how they or a colleague have improved service provision or had a positive impact on patient care.

Applicants must be BSG members to be eligible.

The winner is required to attend to receive their prize; registration that day will be free of charge. If the winner wishes to attend additional days, a discounted registration will apply.
Timeline – advertisingLaunches 6 months prior to the conference, or in line with other annual meeting awards
Timeline – submissionOpens 6 months prior to the Annual Meeting at the same time as the Trainees and CSSC awards, closes 4 months before conference.
Decision maker Panel of BSG reviewers recruited by the CSSC Chair and includes Editor-in-Chief Frontline Gastroenterology (FG)
Who is it paid by?BSG
How is it paid?1st Prize £500
2nd Prize £300
3rd Prize £100 with the award being presented at the BSG meeting each year plus free entry on the day.


Judging Timeline

Who Responsible
Request CSSC Chair to identify reviewers for award11 month before closing date

2nd June 2021
CSSC Manager
Send criteria to reviewers and remind them of timelines2 weeks before closing

19th July 2021
CSSC Manager
Download applications from the website and send them to the office Committee leadDay after the application deadline

5th July 2021
Applications sent to reviewers3 weeks after the application deadline

26th July 2021
CSSC Manager
Reviewers to return scores for collating3 weeks after the application deadline

26th July 2021
CSSC Manager
Scores collated and sent to CSSC Chair for overview1 day after receiving all scores

27th July 2021
CSSC Manager
CSSC Chair to review and confirm the winner with Committee Lead and bsg marketing2 days to review


30th July 2021
CSSC Manager
Notification emails sent to winner and applicants1 month after the application deadline

2nd August 2021
CSSC Manager
Winner notified to Head of Communications and financeOnce emails have been sent

3rd August 2021
CSSC Manager