Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. ERI Policy 03 Scope of Operations

This policy applies to the Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co.

Referenced Standards

ANSI/ACCA Standard 12 QH-2018

Referenced Codes

2015 International Energy Conservation Code
2018 International Energy Conservation Code
2021 International Energy Conservation Code

The Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. is a subsidiary limited liability company of The Dillon Group, Inc., a C-Corporation registered in the State of Texas.

The Building Science Institute is composed of branded practices Building Science Education and True North Quality Management Services.

We help inspection and verification companies improve their service delivery to homebuilders through training and quality management. The goals of these services are:

  • Greater consistency in training and credentialing
  • Dramatic reduction in inadvertent operator error
  • More transparency through the entire certification system
  • Greater consistency in Energy Rating Index (ERI) outputs
  • Greater confidence that homes certified as energy efficient actually earn the certification
  • More collaboration on quality management with stakeholders

The Building Science Institute uses HouseRater™ software for verification organizations to perform energy ratings. HouseRater uses the EnergyPlus calculation engine and the NREL-developed ruleset for calculating Energy Rating Index values. When new software versions are released, the transition period for use by verification organizations must not exceed 60 days.

We credential Verifiers, Software Analysts, Quality Assessment Designees, and Quality Assessors through training provided by the Building Science Institute’s Building Science Education brand. The Building Science Institute is solely responsible for issuing and revoking the credential of Verifiers, Software Analysts, Quality Assessment Designees, and Quality Assessors.

We perform conformity assessments on verification companies to determine conformity with referenced standards and codes through the Building Science Institute’s True North Quality Management Services brand.

We certify homes as energy efficient based on verification activities of verifiers and analysts credentialed by the Building Science Institute.

We rescind the certification of homes that are found to be in non-conformance with referenced standards and codes.

The Building Science Institute is solely responsible for the certification and revocation of certification of homes in our program.

The Building Science Institute must provide participating builders or developer partners with the label and certificate for each certified dwelling unit. This is provided through the HouseRater software tool to the verification organization for distribution.

We enact disciplinary action on credentialed Quality Assessors, Quality Assessment Designees, Verifiers, and Software Analysts who are found to be in non-conformance with our Quality Assurance requirements, and referenced standards.

The Building Science Institute must maintain open lines of communication with our clients to address questions and concerns promptly. 

We must work collaboratively with the our clients to facilitate comprehensive and coordinated evaluations and responses to findings from routine conformance assessment activities, certification discrepancies (including those referred to the Building Science Institute by the code officials), Certification Review requests, and other inquiries from homeowners. 

We must deliver to our clients an annual report of our internal management review that covers our administration of the  certification program including conformity assessment reports, dispute resolutions, all identified conflicts of interest, and all conflict of interest mitigation. This report may be delivered more frequently upon request from the our clients.

The Building Science Institute’s certification program leverages the current system in the market to deliver services in all states and territories, with the exception of California or where prohibited by law.

Approved by the Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. Quality Council on April 5, 2022
Approve: Brian Christensen, Kevin Burk, Amber Wood, Erik Straite
Reject: None
Not Voting: Brett Dillon, Chair

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