Small Bowel and Nutrition Committee Terms of Reference

  • To support training, education, research and guidelines of Small Bowel and Nutrition within the BSG
  • To work alongside different external bodies to promote the expanding role of Small Bowel and Nutrition In the UK
  • To represent the interests and issues of the BSG members specialised in Small Bowel and Nutrition
  • To manage the future direction of the Small Bowel and Nutrition committee in accordance with shifts in the NHS
  • To develop professional collaborations nationally and internationally with the formal approval of the Executive
  • To support the recruitment and retention of members in the specialty of Gastroenterology
  • To hold a monothematic meeting every 3 years to promote the work of the specialty group to the broader community.
  • To support Specialist diagnostic tests, procedures and treatments pertaining to nutrition and small bowel physiology and pathology

High Level Strategic Objectives
  • To promote nutritional assessment and care Nationally along with other specialist organisations such as BAPEN
  • To be proactive in promoting education and guidence in small bowel and nutritional matters
  • To provide a network for interested parties within the BSG and other bodies such as BAPEN
  • To provide support for research in small bowel and nutritional disease
Membership (eligibility criteria)
  • The Section Committee/CRG must have a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 12, one of which must be a Trainee.
  • The Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the section meets its strategic objectives
  • The appointment term for committee membership is 3 years
  • The Chair and Secretary will be elected from the membership of the Committee and will each serve 3 years
  • The Chair is able to co-opt members to join the Committee with the approval of the Section
  • Co-opted members will be ‘task and time limited’ to respect the democratic election process within the Society. Co-opted members should not be granted ongoing roles within the Committee after the timebound task for which they have been co-opted.  A record of co-opted members should be agreed by the Committee and members should be stood down once their task is completed
Register of members