BSG Elected Council Representatives Job Description

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    BSG Elected Council represents the interests of the members of the Society in Council and other committees and external bodies. Elected councillors are elected for a 3 year term.

    Any BSG member from any specialty or profession is eligible to be elected to BSG Council.

    Applicants should be a member for at least 3 years (for consultants) or 2 years (trainees and non-consultant groups), be of good standing professionally and have a track record of involvement with the Society.

    The BSG is committed to a policy of diversity and inclusion in all its activities and appointments.  All applications who meet the published job specification and criteria will be considered without regard to age, race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, in accordance with the Society’s approved E & I policy.

    All BSG members except Taster members are eligible to vote for Elected Council.

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    About the BSG

    The mission of the BSG is to support its members to provide the best care and achieve the best outcomes for patients with gastrointestinal and liver diseases.

    The BSG is a registered Charity subject to Charity Commission rules and has a governance structure composed of Trustees, an Executive, and Elected Council representing the membership.  The interplay of these groups is to ensure effective implementation and adherence to the Society mission.
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    Key Objectives

    •    Elected Councillors represent the interests of the members of the Society in Council and to the BSG’s Board of Trustees
    •    Elected Councillors are expected to hold the BSG Executive to account
    •    Elected Councillors represent the interests of members in key BSG higher committees and external bodies (as required)
    •    To undertake a governance role for the charity as a Trustee if requested.  (2 Trustees are elected Councillors, taking position at request of the BSG President)
    •    To provide advice and input to the activities of the BSG

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    Key Responsibilities

    • To attend BSG Council meetings (at least 2 of 4 per year expected).
    • To represent the interests of members and wider clinical opinion at Council meetings
    • An elected councillor may be asked to become a Trustee of the BSG, registered with the Charity Commission during their 3 year tenure.  Trustees are required to attend BSG Trustee Board meetings as outlined in the trustee job description, available on request.  To liaise with the BSG Executive and key Committees on matters of BSG activity
    • To sit on the key committees of the BSG – Research, Education, International, Training & Clinical Services and Standards
    • To represent the BSG in external fora, for example on the Committees of other professional bodies (eg. ACPGBI) as requested by the President and Executive
    • To attend relevant committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting
    • To take part in the judging of the BSG’s annual process for supporting Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA/ACCIA)
    • To be part of the interview panel for BSG officer recruitment
    • To report back at regular intervals to BSG Trustees Board, BSG Council and the BSG membership on the activities of the Society
    • There will be an Elected Councillor Spokesperson who will be responsible for verbal communications to BSG Council and for the production of written minutes of Elected Councillor meetings
    • To communicate professionally, effectively and accurately on behalf of the BSG, both verbally and in written form with a wide variety of persons 
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    Time Commitment

    The time commitment is predominantly quarterly meetings of Council with input sometimes required between meetings.  Face to Face meetings are generally held in London or at the Annual Conference.  Some Council and other meetings will also be held virtually, as part of the Society’s commitment to sustainability and productive working
    • Meetings of Elected Councillors (as convened by the group)
    • Annual BSG Strategy Away Day
    • Trustee meetings if trustees duties are undertaken
    • Meetings of key BSG Committees to which you are appointed (2-3 per year)
    It is expected that Elected Councillors attend at least 50% of meetings each year. If unable to attend Elected Councillors should feed into the agenda items through the President, or via the Elected Councillor’s Spokesperson
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    These are un-remunerated posts within the BSG and local arrangements (study or professional leave) should be negotiated at a local level. Reasonable expenses incurred through the role will be reimbursed. Training may be provided where appropriate but particularly for the roles of Trustee and Communications.
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    Personal specification

    Person Specification
    Clinical/Service Achievements/experience
    Appropriately Qualified
    Significant professional experience & a demonstrable commitment to gastroenterology / hepatology
    BSG member for 3 years (for consultants) or 2 years (trainees and non-consultant groups)
    Evidence of active participation or association with BSG (examples include Committee/Section involvement, scoring abstracts, judging posters, regional BSG meetings etc)
    Active involvement in UK Gastroenterology
    Higher level qualification e.g. PhD, MD, MSc
    Affiliation with relevant Royal College or regulatory body
    Established relationships
    Interest in representing BSG members and supporting the aims of the society
    Evidence of Leadership skills or effective roles
    Evidence of Team working & relevant communication skills
    Understanding of governance
    Time & commitment to undertake the roles
    Commitment to BSG values including fairness, equality and diversity
    Previous experience as chair or member of Committee or Section of the BSG
    Active in region / local health economy
    Similar experience of other Societies or National Committees would be an advantage.
    Experience or interest in Education/Training or Research including publication or guideline involvement
    Personal Qualities

    Board level or equivalent experience
    Evidence of governance role or experience
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    Opportunities to communicate with members

    The BSG office team can support you with communicating with members. We suggest contacting us via email and the team will respond. 
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    Key policies 

    Key BSG policies and documents, such as BSG’s rules and regulations and the expenses policy can be found here: 

    The BSG’s strategy documents can be found here: 

    If you have any queries, please contact one of the BSG team members via email

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    Member benefits

    Here is a reminder of some of the benefits of being a BSG member: