BSG Elected Section/Committee Members Duties & Benefits

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    Our section committees are elected by the membership of that section to represent them.  They drive the work of the sections. They work closely with respective Clinical Research Groups. They also develop part of the programme at the Annual Conference each year, identifying topics of value and inviting speakers. There are 15 Section Committees. Check what they are here  

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    Overview of the committees work streams

    • Attend 3-4 meetings a year with significant outputs from those meetings
    • Ensure that the committee/section is active and delivering in line with BSG charitable aims and objectives
    • Develop and deliver events/webinars 
    • Contribute to guidelines and consultations 
    • Contribute to web articles/videos, the Education Committee asks for 2 per year from each section 
    • Develop the content for relevant sections of BSG Annual Meeting and BSG Campus
    • Deliver annual report/summary to Executive committee by Chair or Secretary 
    • Higher Committees representation – each section appoints a rep that represents its section on Education (1), Research (1) and Programme (1) Committees Meetings
    • CRG (Clinical Research Groups) representation – each section appoints a rep that represents its section on respective CRG: IBD rep (1) sits on IBD CRG, Pancreatobiliary rep (1) sits on Pancreas CRG, Endoscopy rep (1) sits on Endoscopy CRG, Liver rep (1) sits on Liver CRG.
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    Overview of the Section/Committee member duties

    • Contribute to the delivery of section/committee aims
    • Attend as many section/committee meetings as possible with a minimum attendance at 50% of meetings – section/higher committee support team will monitor it throughout the year and feed back to the respective chair
    • Contribute significantly to at least one aspect of committee work each year (e.g. guideline, web education article, webinars, programme planning)
    • All Section/Committee members are required to serve as abstract reviewers and work to the timetable required by the Programme Committee
    • All Section/Committee members are required to serve on the judging panel if requested of any Awards, Prizes, Bursaries, Scholarships or Grants run by the Section/Committee of which they are a member.
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    Overview of how BSG supports you

    Every BSG committee has a Committee Support Officer who will support with taking meeting minutes, administrating internal appointments and other projects as needed, and will engage other BSG office staff as required. The BSG office can support with delivering events and educational materials. The BSG office organogram can be seen here
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    Opportunities to communicate with members

    The BSG office team can support you with communicating with members. In the first instance, we suggest contacting your committee support officer, or you can email and the team will respond. 
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    Programme committee – key milestones for BSG Annual Conference and BSG Campus (abstracts, awards, posters, bursaries etc)

    Guidance on what is required can be found here: In order to access this resource page you need to log in to your BSG account. If you have any questions, please contact your committee support officer, or Alex Kelly, who manages the programme committee, at 
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    Event/other project planning and annual budget allocations

    The BSG is not able to run unplanned events or other projects outside its annual budget. Each autumn, budgets are agreed with the BSG office for the year ahead. Your committee support officer will be able to advise of a specific timetable for this. Each section is able to run a monothematic event every 3 years. 

    When considering running an event, or other project, please ensure there are no clashes with other national or regional events, and avoid any religious holidays or other dates of significance. The office can advise on suitable dates.  

    Face to face events should be planned at least 9 months from the proposed date, with faculty invited and the programme shared with the office for marketing 6 months before the planned date of the event. Virtual events should have 6 months notice, with the programme shared 3 months before the events. The office team can support with finding venues and marketing, as well as industry relationships. 

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    Working with industry

    The BSG can support with interactions with industry, and to ensure we are offering a consistent, compliance experience for industry partners, request that the BSG office be involved in all discussions with industry relating to sponsorship. 

    Our full industry interactions policy can be found here: 

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    Key policies 

    Key BSG policies and documents, such as BSG’s rules and regulations and the expenses policy can be found here: 

    The BSG’s strategy documents can be found here: 

    If you have any queries, please contact your committee support officer in the first instance. 

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    Member benefits

    Here is a reminder of some of the benefits of being a BSG member: