BSG Trainees Committee Regional Representative Duties & Benefits

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    BSG members that are Trainees in gastroenterology including those currently within a formal higher specialty training programme (or equivalent) and those aspiring to such programmes including Taster-grade members of the BSG. BSG Trainees section committee is elected by the membership of that section to represent them.  They drive the work of that section.  
            •    To support and promote training, education, and guidelines for Trainees within the BSG
            •    To work alongside different external bodies to promote the expanding role of Trainees in the UK
            •    To represent and promote the interests and issues of BSG Trainee members
            •    To manage the future direction of the Trainee Committee in accordance with shifts in gastroenterology as a specialty and the training of future gastroenterologists
            •    To develop professional collaborations nationally and internationally, with the formal support of the Executive
            •    To support the recruitment and retention of trainee members in the specialty of gastroenterology.

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    Overview of the Trainees Section work streams

            •    Deliver 3-4 meetings a year with significant outputs from those meetings.
            •    The Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the Section meets its strategic objectives.
            •    Develop and deliver Trainees focused events/webinars
            •    Contribute to guidelines and consultations
            •    Contribute to web articles/videos. The Education Committee asks for two each year from each section.
            •    Develop a programme for allocated symposia at the BSG Annual Meeting and BSG Campus.
            •    Deliver an annual report/summary to Executive committee by Chair or Secretary.
            •    Higher Committees representation –section appoints a representative who represents the section on Education, Training, Research, International and Programme Committees Meetings.

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    Overview of the Trainees Regional Representative duties

            •    All section committee members are expected to adhere to the BSG Code of Conduct for all BSG Officers.
            •    Deliver high quality educational content for gastroenterology Trainees, reflective of the requirements of their curriculum and CCT requirements.
            •    Deliver educational content for potential future gastroenterology Trainees, so that they may make informed career decisions.  
            •    To embed trainee representation in strategic specialty decision making.
            •    Actively gather information to effectively lobby external bodies in the interests of Trainees in gastroenterology.
            •    Advance the interests of Trainees and high-quality training in relevant current issues (e.g. shape of training).
            •    Support and increase the profile of the BSG Trainees section through positive behaviours and professionalism. 
            •    Disseminate information pertaining to education and training opportunities nationally to improve equal access amongst Trainees. 
            •    The Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the Section meets its strategic objectives.
            •    All section committee members are required to serve on the judging panel, if requested, of any Awards, Prizes, Bursaries, Scholarships or Grants run by the Section Committee of which they are a member.

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    Overview of how BSG supports you

    Every BSG committee has a Committee Support Officer who will support with taking meeting minutes, administrating internal appointments and other projects as needed, and will engage other BSG office staff as required. The BSG office can support with delivering events and educational materials. The BSG office organogram can be seen here
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    Opportunities to communicate with members

    The BSG office team can support you with communicating with members. In the first instance, we suggest contacting your committee support officer, or you can email and the team will respond. 
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    Programme committee – key milestones for BSG Annual Conference and BSG Campus (abstracts, awards, posters, bursaries etc)

    Guidance on what is required can be found here: In order to access this resource page you need to log in to your BSG account. If you have any questions, please contact your committee support officer, or Alex Kelly, who manages the programme committee, at 
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    Working with industry

    The BSG can support with interactions with industry, and to ensure we are offering a consistent, compliance experience for industry partners, request that the BSG office be involved in all discussions with industry relating to sponsorship. 
    Our full industry interactions policy can be found here:
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    Key policies 

    Key BSG policies and documents, such as BSG’s rules and regulations and the expenses policy can be found here: 

    The BSG’s strategy documents can be found here: 

    If you have any queries, please contact your committee support officer in the first instance. 

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    Member benefits

    Here is a reminder of some of the benefits of being a BSG member: