SonicWall - NetExtender RAS Error

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    Error message

    Follow this KB If the user reported getting the below error when connecting to VPN(SonicWall NetExtender);

  2. 2

    Open Task manager

    Open Task Manager by Right clicking on the Task bar and choosing "Task Manager"
  3. 3

    Finding the Right service

    -Choose the Services Tab on the top of the Task Manager window. 
    -Type R and search for RasAuto and RasMan
  4. 4

    Shut off and restart the services correctly

    -Right-Click on RasAuto and choose Go to details...
    -Right-Click on the now Highlighted Detail, it will be svchost.exe.
    ***Make sure you only do this to the one detail that was automatically highlighted***

    -You can be 100% sure you have the right one by looking at the PID and making sure the numbers are the same here and in services.
    -Once you right-click on the svchost.exe that matches PID and was automatically highlighted choose the end task option.
    - Select Ok on the next pop up.
    - Do this again for the other RasMan service, following the same steps and checking the PID.
  5. 5

    Restart the services again

    -Go back to services tab after end task is run on both svchost.exe.
    -Notice the services now say Stopped next to them.
    -Right-Click on RasAuto and choose start.
    -This will change both RasAuto and RasMan to Running.
    -Try to connect to the VPN again, if it still does not work move to the next steps.
  6. 6


    -Go to run (Windows key + R) and enter in services.msc and hit enter

  7. 7

    Sonicwall Services

    -Located the Sonicwall services and restart them (Ignore the global VPN service)
        -Sonicwall Client Protection Service
        -Sonicwall Global VPN Client Service

  8. 8

    Restart user machine

    -Restart the user machine and attempt to connect to the VPN again, it should progress normally. 
  9. 9

    Additional Step - If Needed

    Navigate to Windows Device Manager --> Network Adaptors and uninstall the WAN Miniport (IP) and WAN Miniport (PPTP) devices, then scan for the hardware changes.

    Once it has done the hardware changes try to use the NetExtender.
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