Adding a menu to a Superpage

  1. 1

    Create a new menu

    In the Wordpress dashboard under Appearance, select "menus". Once in there select "create new menu" as shown.
  2. 2

    Name you menu something unique

    Then click "Create Menu"
  3. 3

    Add links to your menu

    You can have your menu items link to other pages on your site, external sites or to sections on a Superpage. Let's say you want the menu to link to sections on an existing Superpage.
  4. 4

    Create Superpage section ID

    To link to a section on a Superpage, that section needs to have a name that is unique to that page.

    1. Tick "Show Advanced Options"
    2. Create a name for your section in ID. This must be all one word.
  5. 5

    Add a link to this ID in your menu.

    To link to a section you create a link that looks like this: #sectionname

    If you are going to place this menu on the same page as the section you want to link to, you only need to type the #sectionname. If you want to link to a section on a page other than the one your menu is on you need to type the full URL of that page with the #sectionname at the end like this:

    For this example we are placing the menu on the same page as the section we are linking to. Add the URL and Link Text as shown below then click Add To Menu. When you have added all the links you need to add click "Save Menu".
  6. 6

    Add menu to Superpage

    Now you need to add the menu to the Superpage.
    Click "Add Section" then select "Nav Bar".

  7. 7

    Type in your menu's name

    Under "Menu Name" write the name of the menu which you just created and customise the nav bar's appearance like you would for other Superpage sections.
  8. 8

    Drag the menu into the location that you want

  9. 9

    Save changes and test your menu