How to Upload Your Recording (3/5)

This Step will teach you how to recording your beautiful voice and upload it to Soundcloud. 
  1. Navigate to the Recording Page

    1. In your Soundcloud dashboard, click on "upload"

    2. On the next page, click on "start new recording"

    Note: If you are receiving errors during this part, please clear your browser cache or try a different browser first.
  2. Record Your Sounds

    1. On the next page, click the REC button.

    2. When you are finished recording, click the stop button.

    3. Click Save and Continue.

    Note: If you prefer, you can also recording and upload your sounds manually by using Audacity or another application.
  3. Configure Your Recording

    1. Make sure to title your track with the Lesson Title and Your Name

    2. Make sure to change the track to "private" *Important*

    3. Click Save.

    Note: Do not click save until the file has completed uploading first.