Connect to IRC channel with Adium

A beginners guide to connecting to an IRC channel with Adium on Mac OSX
  1. Add a new IRC account

    Visit File Menu
    - "Add Account"
    - IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  2. Connect to the IRC host

    We'll be connecting to the freenode IRC host. You can use any nickname you want. And you can change your nickname as often as you want.

    Leave the password blank. There are no requirement for passwords on freenode
  3. Join a Channel

    You'll want to join a group channel to chat with people on IRC. 

    From the File Menu, select Join Group Chat
  4. Enter the Channel Name

    Channel names in IRC begin with a Hash (#). This PyWeek channel is all about writing computer games in Python. There is usually no password to join, so leave that part blank
  5. Welcome to the channel

    Now you have joined the channel. Happy chatting.