How to Email Your Recording Link (4/5)

You'll want to make sure you send this link through your email client, not through Soundcloud. For best results, do these steps on a laptop computer with a working internet connection.
  1. Grab Your "Private Share Link"

    1. Navigate to your recording by clicking on Your Profile.

    2. Under the recording, click the "share" button.

    3. Copy (ctrl+c)/(cmd+c) the Private Share Link.
  2. Open Your Email Client

    1. Open your email client (ex. Gmail, Outlook, iMail, Aol & NOT through a Soundcloud message).

    2. In your email client, compose a new message.

    3. Make the recipient of the email based on the course you are in:

    Flow of
    Flow of
    Flow of
    Flow of
    Flow of

    Note: There have been some compatibility issues sending links from accounts. If you have a account, you may want to use a different email to make sure your link is sent successfully. 
  3. Send Your Private Soundcloud Link

    1. Place the Lesson Title and Your Name into the subject line.

    2. Place the Soundcloud Private Share Link into the email body.

    3. Click Send.

    Note: Do not attach your file directly. Our system filters email which does not contain "" in the contents. So please place the link in your email and not as an attachment.

    Note: After submitting your track, do not change the title of it (this will affect the hyperlink).