Add an Administrator to your Amazon AWS account

Here's how to add an account-wide administrator to your amazon aws account. Much better to do this than share passwords with your teammates.

Keep reading until the end For a bonus email template you  can copy and paste to email your new administrator
  1. 1

    Visit the IAM management console

    You'll be prompted to log in with your own Amazon credentials first.

    IAM is Amazons access management system, in it you can create users with access to as much or little of your amazon AWS account as you like.
  2. 2

    Click Create New Users

    Enter a username which makes sense. Like
    Click create for the user. Don't bother generating Access Keys for this new user, they can generate their own later on.

  3. 3

    Give the new user Administrator Access

    You've created the new user, here called "test.jim" let's give them Administrator Access

    1. Select the user from the list of users on the screen
    2. Click the "Permissions" tab that appears in the pane below the users list
    3. Click the "attach user policy" button in that "permissions" tab.
  4. 4

    Select Administrator Access

  5. 5

    Apply the policy

    Leave the suggested permissions at their defaults, and click "Apply Policy"

    Congratulations, you've created an administrator... now to allow them to log in keep reading on.
  6. 6

    Give your teammate a password

    Click on the "Security Credentials" tab next to the "Permissions" one you were using earlier.

    Then select "Manage Password" button
  7. 7

    Copy the password to your teammate

    EIther on the phone, a piece of paper on their desk, or in an Instance Message. They should change their password soon after you give it to them.
  8. 8

    Provide instructions to your teammate for logging in

    Your teammate will need some instructions for logging into your management console.

    The login url for your AWS account is located on your dashboard. From the image below:

    1. Click the Dashboard link (1) to get to your dashboard
    2. Write down the sign in url for your AWS console (2)
  9. 9

    Customise the Sign In Url

    You can customise the URL by giving it a name that is familiar, like your company name.
    Afterwards the link will look like this:
  10. 10

    Tell your employee the username + password + sign in url

    Your employee will need the Username, password and sign in URL that you created in order to log in. They cannot log in on the normal Amazon website, they must use
    the special sign in url that you give them.

    When they visit the link it will look like the below.

    Congratulations you've just added an administrator to your Amazon AWS account!

    Bonus email or instant message template to send your teammate - just change the bits in bold


    Hi Test Jim,

    I've given you Administrator Access to the company Amazon AWS account.

    Username: test.jim
    Password: ********
    Sign In URL:

    Please bookmark and use the Sign In URL to access our company AWS console in future.
    Also please change your password to something more secure once inside.

    You are a huge asset to our team.