How to Re-Submit Your Mistakes (5/5)

Since you have yet to master The Flow, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes in your pronunciation. You can reference these steps to remember how to re-submit correctly.

  1. When should I re-submit a recording?

    If you get “Good Job”, then no re-submit is necessary.

    But if you receive comments which point out errors, you will need to re-submit a recording.
  2. Re-Submission Format

    Begin your re-submission with each erroneous syllable repeated two times, followed by the corrected syllable two times and then the lesson lyrics. This will give your ear a chance to hear the difference between the two sounds.

    Please let the teacher know what errors you are fixing so that they know what to look for.

    You can hear an example by clicking here (right click link to open in new tab)

    Be sure to title your track "Re-Sub #" at the end of normal title.
    (E.g., Idahosa Ness - Lesson 1 Re-submission #2)