Add new email to mailchimp dripfeed

  1. Log into mailchimp
  2. Click Autoresponders

    In mailchimp terms, your drip feed campaigns exist in the 'autoresponders' section:
  3. Replicate a previous campaign

    Hover over the campaign name and select the "replicate" link
  4. Pick the List you want

    Select the list you'd like to add this autoresponder to
  5. When is the campaign sent?

    We usually pick a date at some point after the subscribe date.

    The replicated autocampaign should have "14 Day" or "18 Day" in its title. So pick a date after that, if you want this to be sent after that time.
  6. Edit the subject line

    Click "edit" next to the subject line.
  7. Edit the campaign name (same page)

    Name it based on the number of days post signup (or whatever the trigger is) and about what the contents will be:

    4 days - invitation to webconference; or
    6 days - How to do php security basics
  8. Edit the HTML and Plain Text

    Click on "Design" from the navigation near the top to start editing your HTML and then "Plain-Text" and "copy text from HTML".
  9. Start Autoresponder

    Click the confirm button in the navigation near the top.

    Preview the email, just to check that everything looks ok, then click "Start Autoresponder"