Create checklists for recurring workflows

Checklists can be useful for mapping out steps for doing things like:

  • Writing for your blog/newsletter (Listing where to find ideas, what to include in the post, where to share it etc.)

  • New client intake (What to ask, what to tell them, what to give or send, when to follow up)

  • Your file closing process

  • Preparing for arbitration, negotiation, or settlement conference

  • Preparing your client for deposition, etc.

  • Scheduling and conducting a Zoom conference

  1. 1

    Start by brainstorming

    Start by brainstorming a list of checklists that might prove helpful, and schedule time to flesh out a new one or revise an existing one.

    The factors to consider in selecting the first/best one to work on are:
    • How important is this workflow? (the more important the better)
    • How often does it recur? (the more often the better)
    • How many clients/matters will it apply to? (the more the better)
  2. 2

    Learn to Systematize

    Learning how to document important workflows is an important Key To Creating Systems. To learn more about doing this for your firm, check this out.