Sonicwall NetExtender - Damaged Version on Windows 10

This SP is for when NetExtender shows the error: A damaged version of NetExtender was detected on your computer, please reinstall NetExtender to fix the problem.

This error occurs with the latest version of NetExtender (10.2.309) and Windows 10.
  1. 1

    Uninstall NetExtender

  2. 2

    Disable Core Isolation in Windows 10

    Navigate to Settings>Update & Security>Windows Security>Open Windows Security>Device Security>Core Isolation Details>Disable Memory Integrity

    Or search for Core Isolation in the start menu and disable Memory Integrity
  3. 3

    Reboot Computer

  4. 4

    Reinstall NetExtender

  5. 5

    Reboot Computer Again

  6. 6


    NetExtender should now work normally