BSG International Zonal Development Lead Responsibilities & Benefits

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    About the BSG

    The mission of the BSG is to support its members to provide the best care and achieve the best outcomes for patients with gastrointestinal and liver diseases.

    The BSG is a registered Charity subject to Charity Commission rules and has a governance structure composed of Trustees, an Executive, and Elected Council representing the membership.  The interplay of these groups is to ensure effective implementation and adherence to the Society mission.
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    The BSG International Committee is providing Clinical Leadership in each of four selected International Development Zones which are;
    1. Sub-Saharan Africa
    2. North Africa and the Middle East
    3. Asia-Pacific
    4. Americas and Caribbean 

    Candidates will work with the BSG International Deputy Chair to promote the work of the International Committee and BSG International membership. Applicants will be expected to have experience of international project work and demonstrate a track record of leadership in the fields of education, quality improvement or research. 

    Zonal Leads are elected for a 3 year term. 

    All BSG members except Taster and Undergraduate members are eligible to vote for Zonal Lead role.

    The BSG is committed to a policy of diversity and inclusion in all its activities and appointments.  All applications who meet the published job specification and criteria will be considered without regard to age, race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, in accordance with the Society’s approved E & I policy.

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    Key Zonal Leads Responsibilities

    • Co-ordinate developing networks comprising education, research, and training
    • Identify existing or future opportunities for collaborative projects
    • Work with other Specialist Societies, Academic Institutions, grant awarding bodies and industry partners to deliver the BSG International Strategy within their role remit
    • Comprise a list of relevant specialist societies we should connect with
    • Develop a register of historical and planned BSG members and teams delivering education, quality improvement or research projects within their specified global region
    • Assist with the evaluation of BSG International Grant proposals as one of the panellists
    • Promote publication of international project work and provide support for applications
    • Comprise a list of relevant specialist societies we should connect with and enable at least 1-2 collaborations during your tenure
    • Contribute to the BSG International Committee annual report
    • Serve on the judging panel if requested of any Awards, Prizes, Bursaries run by your Committee.
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    Key Wider Committee Objectives

    • Attend 2-3 meetings a year with significant outputs from those meetings and 2 Zonal Leads meetings a year chaired by the Committee chair
    • Attend as many committee meetings as possible with a minimum attendance at 50% of meetings – section/higher committee support team will monitor it throughout the year and feed back to the respective chair
    • Ensure that the committee is active and delivering in line with BSG charitable aims and objectives
    • Develop and deliver events/webinars 
    • Develop the content for relevant sections of BSG Annual Meeting and BSG Campus
    • Deliver short reports ahead of Committee meeting on your Zonal inputs to the Chair or Deputy Chair
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    Overview of how BSG supports you

    Every BSG committee has a Committee Support Officer who will support with taking meeting minutes, administrating internal appointments and other projects as needed, and will engage other BSG office staff as required. The BSG office can support with delivering events and educational materials. The BSG office organogram can be seen here
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    Opportunities to communicate with members

    The BSG office team can support you with communicating with members. In the first instance, we suggest contacting your committee support officer, or you can email and the team will respond. 
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    Programme committee – key milestones for annual conference and campus (abstracts, awards, posters etc)

    Guidance on what is required can be found here: In order to access this resource page you need to log in to your BSG account. If you have any questions, please contact your committee support officer, or Alex Kelly, who manages the programme committee, at 
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    Key policies 

    Key BSG policies and documents, such as BSG’s rules and regulations and the expenses policy can be found here: 

    The BSG’s strategy documents can be found here: 

    If you have any queries, please contact one of the BSG team members via email

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    Member benefits

    Here is a reminder of some of the benefits of being a BSG member: