Provide detailed error report for SweetProcess on Google Chrome

Sometimes SweetProcess won't have a record of an error, and this can be a frustrating experience for you. For example SweetProcess may be stuck on the 'Brewing' screen when you log in.

You may follow these steps if you want to provide a detailed error report to our support team to help track down the cause of the error.
  1. 1

    Inspect element on the login page

    Right click somewhere on the login page and select 'inspect'
  2. 2

    Select the 'cog' settings icon in the inspect window

    This will bring up some options we need to change to capture any potential error
  3. 3

    Enable XMLHttpRequests and Preserve

    ensure both 'Log XMLHttpRequests' and 'Preserve Log' are turned on
  4. 4

    Log in!

    Now you may actually log in. Go ahead and while you do, keep an eye on that Inspect window for problems.
  5. 5

    Check for any errors

    You may copy and paste or screenshot any error messages, or network elements that failed to load
  6. 6

    Double check network tab

    If it isn't immediately obvious that there is a problem on the console tab. Check the 'Network' tab and identify if anything has failed to load.

    You can sort by descending status so that any failed elements are at the top:
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