SweetProcess Monthly Developer Update

Some of the things the SweetProcess development team have been working on each month. Includes release notes for new versions of SweetProcess.

April 2024
Released version one of the quiz feature, now you can test and track your team's knowledge of procedures/policies and processes
Working on AI improvement

March 2024
Upgrade SweetProcess host systems
Adds signoff feature to mobile app
Working on quiz feature

February 2024
New filter to show documents without any reviewer
Adds color schemes to Knowledge Bases
Downloaded PDFs now show when they were exported
Allows guests to download their own attachments
Adds TitleCase formatting to text editor

January 2024
Adds more knowledge base category icons
Removes background from images shown in knowledge bases
Reports radio/checkbox choices in forms as CSV format
Improves Zapier integration
Prioritize single document exports over account-wide exports
Adds undo/redo buttons to text editing
Improves text editing with many new colors/styles
Adds 'move' folders feature

December 2023
Allow for transferring a single document between accounts using the product feature
Fix bug that shows double notification when setting up a custom domain for knowledge bases
Translation improvements
Increased limits on SweetAI document generation
Adds SCIM integration for automated user management

November 2023
Working on implementing SCIM (system for cross-domain identity management)
Custom domains for knowledge bases available

October 2023
Read only teammate feature released

September 2023
Working on read only teammate feature
New version of mobile app

August 2023
New version of mobile app
Working on read only teammate feature

July 2023
Working on read only teammate feature

June 2023
Compare versions of Processes, just like you could already do with Procedures and Policies.

May 2023
Check for expired Single Sign On certificates
Behind the scenes work on a new feature the "Read Only Teammate", final name to be decided

April 2023
Performance improvements on some key endpoints (notifications, users, tasks, documents)
Upgrading our SweetAI to a new version with improved prompts

March 2023
Update our integration with billing provider
Improves the SweetAI connection to introduce a suggestion feature to suggest procedures and policies that might be useful
Improves formatting of the knowledge base articles on small screens

February 2023
Introduce SweetAI our AI integration that can write new procedures and policies
Show attachments on guest tasks
Update the permissions for documents transferred with our Product feature

January 2023
Update the Zapier API for SweetProcess
Add user to a team via a new popover

December 2022
Performance Improvement: Folders API, Process API and Teams API speed increases

November 2022
Update billing system
Performance Improvement: Reduce SweetProcess app size

October 2022
Improved task assign interface

September 2022
Introduced task swim lane assignment and assigning directly to procedure and process steps.

August 2022
New task assign modal. To support the introduction of swim lane assignment.
Prevent attempts to turn a YouTube channel link into an embedded video
Significant performance improvement on task API endpoints

July 2022
Add 'Mark complete' to the process task pages
Allows creating task with hashid of the assigned document. Improvement for customers using Zapier and similar automation
Performance improvement for notification API endpoint

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