Tax Preparation with SFR - What to Expect

  1. 1

    Contact us to start your Tax Preparation

  2. 2

    We Send You Intuit Link

    Includes engagement letter, questionnaire, and document upload list
  3. 3

    Review and Sign your Engagement Letter

  4. 4

    Pay 50% deposit for Services

  5. 5

    Send all of your current year's tax documents

  6. 6

    We will complete your tax return

  7. 7

    Meet with your tax advisor to review your return

  8. 8

    Your completed return will be compared to your invoice for accurate billing. The invoice will be sent to you for final payment if any balance is due

  9. 9

    We will send your completed return to you for signature and approval.

  10. 10

    You will sign and approve the tax return.

  11. 11

    We file your Tax Return