-- 1700 -- OCAG Principal, Executive Director and Staff Communications

A.  Objective

To establish the policy governing communication between the board of directors, governing board members and committee members, and the principal, executive director and staff.

B.  Policy

The board of directors recognizes, establishes and maintains the following guidelines in its relationship with the principal, the executive director and staff:
  1. It is recognized that good and consistent communication is one of the most important factors in the success of the academy. In exercising its governance responsibilities, the board of directors reserves its authority to establish policy, approve plans and programs and delegate authority to its principal and executive director, except those that are by law, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the academy conferred upon or reserved to other parties.
  2. Primarily, the purpose of this policy is to define the communication flow between the board of directors, governing board members, committee members and the principal and executive director and their staff. The board of directors recognizes that efficient management of the academy can exist only through transparency, mutual understanding and complete cooperation between the board of directors and the principal and executive director. The principal and executive director are expected to produce results and to exercise independent judgment in executing policies of the board of directors. The board of directors acknowledges that obligation, and thereby gives the principal and executive director the latitude of judgment and discretion, and expects faithful performance in carrying out all of the policies of the board of directors.
  3. It shall be the policy of the board of directors that no governing board member or committee member, as individuals, shall lobby or give any directives to the principal, executive director or staff. Any and all directives or suggestions must be the representative voice of the entire board of directors by majority vote. This policy shall not prohibit the chairperson of the board from relaying official directives to the principal and/or executive director.  
  4. The board of directors further recognizes that should any governing board member or committee member engage in an individual, private or unofficial conversation with the principal, executive director or staff in order to lobby, influence, give directives, make commitments or representations on behalf of the academy, that member becomes involved in a serious breach of policy which might disrupt the entire organization, and further, may subject the member to rebuke from the board of directors should he or she attempt to make commitments or representations unofficially for the board of directors.
  5. At the request of the board of directors, principal or executive director, the board of directors may confer with staff at regular or special meetings of the board of directors.

C.  Responsibility

The governing board members, committee members, principal, executive director and staff shall be responsible for adhering to this policy and immediately bringing knowledge of non-adherence to this policy before the board of directors.

Adopted: TBD