-- 6300 -- OCAG Employee Evaluations

A.  Intent

It is the intent of the organization that assessments of personnel be used for two reasons: 
  1. Determining the suitability for retention of the continuing and professional service of contract personnel; and 
  2. Method of assisting staff in their professional development to best impact the education of students and operation of the school. The organization acknowledges and agrees to follow all legal requirements as set forth in Florida statute as they apply to charter schools.

B.  Evaluation System

Professional Staff Members
The school operations manager will recommend to the governing board an evaluation system in compliance with Florida statute for evaluating instructional and administrative personnel.  The evaluation system adopted by the governing board will meet all requirements of Florida statute section 1012.34. Specifically:
  • The system must incorporate student performance data in the final calculation
  • Utilize continuous quality improvement models
  • Performance data utilized must be obtained from multiple sources
Support Staff Members
The school operations manager will develop and implement an evaluation matrix and form to be used for the evaluation of all support staff members which will provide feedback and guidance to support staff in alignment with the intent of this policy.

C.  Performance Indicators

The final result of the evaluation system will result in one of the following annual performance levels:
  • Highly Effective
  • Effective
  • Needs Improvement (or for employees in their first three years of employment ‘Developing’)
  • Unsatisfactory

D.  Annual Evaluation

Each staff member will receive a written annual evaluation each year.

Student Performance Data
Professional staff members shall have a portion of their annual evaluation based upon student performance indicators, as required by Florida law. If the student performance data is not available prior to the due date of the annual evaluations, the evaluations may be amended to incorporate the data once it becomes available.

Individual Writing Evaluation
Each employee shall be notified at the start of each year who their immediate supervisor is who will be writing their annual evaluation. Teachers and support staff will be supervised by an administrative member of the staff. The school operations manager and principal will be evaluated by the governing board.

Following the completion of the evaluation, the supervisor shall meet with the employee to discuss the evaluation. Employees may provide a written response to the evaluation as a permanent attachment to the evaluation. Employees will be expected to sign the evaluation, however the signature does not necessarily indicate consent with the findings, only that the employee has received a copy of the evaluation. If the employee refuses to sign the document, the supervisor shall provide a written amendment documenting the date the evaluation was discussed with the employee and that the employee refused to sign the document acknowledging its receipt.

Unsatisfactory Evaluations
If an employee has received an unsatisfactory performance assessment or concerns exist throughout the year such as following a formal observation, the supervisor shall confer with the employee and shall make specific recommendations for actions the supervisor believes should result in improvement. The supervisor and employee shall develop a plan, which will be shared with the principal or school operations manager of the organization. The plan shall include a prescribed period of time in which the corrective actions must be completed. If the employee has received an unsatisfactory evaluation, the employee shall be placed on a 90-day probationary period in which the employee shall receive assistance and training to correct the deficiencies noted in the evaluation.

Adopted: 02/06/2024