-- 3700 -- OCAG School-Based Leadership Team (RTI)

A.  Purpose

The purpose of the School Based Leadership Team (SBLT) is a diverse group of professionals that will meet to discuss issues that may arise regarding specific students. The team will brainstorm strategies and research-based interventions to use with students that may be having academic, behavioral, or other concerns within school. The SBLT will analyze school data, assist with the providing suggestions for the RtI (Response to Intervention) process, and make recommendations for modifications in the classroom and monitor student progress by analyzing interventions to assess response to those interventions.

B.  Membership

The principal shall, at the start of each school year, assign members to the School Based Leadership Team. Membership will consist of the principal, ESE coordinator(s), and a careful selection of other staff members who represent a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Members shall serve for the entire school year. Additionally, the specific team of teachers who work with an individual student will be requested to attend when that specific student is being discussed.

C.  Procedure

The School Based Leadership Team (SBLT), in conjunction with the principal, will regularly review school assessment data to determine students needing extra assistance. If a staff member wishes to seek the advice of the SBLT for a specific student, they shall complete a request form and forward to the principal. The principal shall then schedule a team meeting and distribute the relevant information to the team members. When the staff member requesting the meeting completes the form, they shall indicate whether or not they feel it would be beneficial to invite the parents to the meeting. The principal shall make the determination whether parents will be invited and will coordinate their attendance if requested.

When the School Based Leadership Team meets, the staff member requesting the meeting has the responsibility to explain what the key issues or concerns are, and the team shall work together to brainstorm a list of action items to be attempted with the student. One staff member will be assigned to follow up at a specified time interval after the meeting to see how the recommendations are working.

Adopted: 02/06/2024