Onboarding New Clients (sample initial draft)

The main goals of a client onboarding procedure would usually be to: 
  • Make new clients feel special and feel confident that they're in good hands
  • Set realistic expectations about what we can accomplish and the time frame in which it can be done
  • Create confidence about our level of communication
  • Indoctrinate clients into our process of communication (train them not to burden us unreasonably in how they seek advice and help)
  • Take the first important steps in gathering necessary documents, information etc.
This is not a complete procedure, but rather an initial draft to show what the initial documenting/brainstorming process might look like.
  1. 1

    Determine how was referred (or how they discovered us)

  2. 2

    Have initial client call

  3. 3

    Gather initial documents

    Use Pipefile to make the process of gathering (and reminding) much easier.
  4. 4

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