Create a Pipefile account (free 14 day trial without needing to enter credit card)

Pipefile is a single-purpose service that enables you to gather documents from clients or other people in a secure, easy, stress-free way. Many attorneys swear by it, for example as shown below (a redacted screenshot from a lawyer Facebook group).

Below are steps to follow to create a free account

  • (no need to enter a credit card, which is nice)
  1. 1

    Navigate to Pipefile website

  2. 2

    Click the "Start Your Free Trial" button

  3. 3

    Enter Contact Information

    You need to provide your
    • Name
    • Email address (which you'll be asked to confirm)
    • Password
  4. 4

    Confirm Email address

    You'll get an email with a link to click to confirm your email address.
  5. 5

    [Optional] Schedule 30 minute web tutorial

    You'll also get an email from the owner of the company (Steve Recio) with some useful links, one of which enables you to schedule a free 30 minute web session with him (highly recommended).
  6. 6

    Login (after clicking link in step 4)

    After clicking the link in Step #4 above you'll automatically be redirected to a login page, which you can login to using the credentials you gave in Step #3 above.
  7. 7

    Get started by creating a document request

    The user interface is pretty simple and clean.

    Along the top you'll see how many days you have left on your free trial. And in the middle of the screen is a prominent button inviting you to create a document gathering request.
  8. 8

    Create a new request with this procedure