Webhooks Guide

A webhook is where SweetProcess will send a message to another system of your choice whenever an event happens in your account. For example, we could send a message to your Salesforce every time a task is completed with details about that task.

With access to webhooks and our SweetProcess API (Application Programming Interface), you can easily and reliably connect SweetProcess to the things that matter to your business.

We do not charge any additional cost for access to webhooks and our API. We make them available to all businesses big and small.


Each webhook you create listens for a particular type of event. We will add more events as customers ask, so if you don't find what you are looking for please contact us at support@sweetprocess.com and we'll add it for you.

task.completedWhenever one of your tasks is completed we'll send this event. Right now this is the only event we have built, please let us know if you'd like to see more.

Where are my webhooks?

You can directly access your webhooks here: My Webhooks. You can create new ones, and turn off and on existing ones.

Each webhook requires an event to listen to; a target URL to send the message to - this URL should be a service you control that is ready to listen for our messages (for example Zapier see below); and whether or not this webhook is active. Inactive webhooks will not receive messages.

What does the webhook look like?

We will POST a JSON encoded message to the target URL that you have specified. A message for a task.completed event looks like this:

      {"id": "d85c20d6-89b1-47b5-8399-7f5da1b55507", 
       "event": "task.completed",
       "target": "https://example.com/tasks"},
"data": {"id": 1,
         "url": "https://www.sweetprocess.com/api/v1/taskinstances/1/"
         "progress": {
            "a20gha2": {
               "completed": "2030-07-09T00:01:03:22Z",
               "completed_by": "3",
               "steps": [
                 {"id": "200230-2ba1-230b-03fa-2039fde9023",
                  "completed": "2030-07-09T00:01:01:03Z",
                  "completed_by": 3
         "name": "Weekly Account Checks"
Zapier Integration

Instead of building your own integration with SweetProcess you can use Zapier to connect your SweetProcess account to many other apps. We've written a guide to use Zapier heresweetprocess.com/policy/Nq36fpk/zapier-integra...

If you still have a question, we’re here to help. Contact us