-- 5300 -- NCA Facility

A.  Facilities Rental Policies

The organization may rent its facilities not in use for educational purposes to other organizations from time to time so long as such rental does not interfere with any school function or purpose and is permitted under any lease. The following policies are in place regarding such rentals:
  1. The school operations manager shall create administrative policies, forms and price schedules to ensure for equitable use of the facilities.
  2. The school operations manager may refuse the use of school facilities if the use is determined to be inadvisable.
  3. The organization’s staff members are required to be present during the entire rental of the facility, payment of such staff shall be worked into the pricing schedules.
  4. The school operations manager shall be allowed the option of charging a security deposit of up to $500 should it be deemed appropriate.
  5. Charter School Sponsored Programs Activities
    • Activities must be approved by the school operations manager prior to notice of the event being distributed.
    • The school operations manager reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if the facility is not left in the state it was found.
  6. Charitable and Non-Profit Use
    • The rental of the facilities for charitable purposes by organizations which have been identified by the IRS as being a not-for-profit agency shall be offered lower rates representing only the cost for additional facility operation.
  7. The school operations manager shall ensure that party renting space has completed a Building Use Agreement, collects appropriate fees.
  8. Disputes between the school operations manager and the party requesting or renting the facility may be appealed to the governing board.
  9. The party renting space shall be responsible for all damages or loss of school property.
  10. Parties renting space shall provide a certificate of insurance for liability and property damage before the event. Such certificate shall be for at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence. The school operations manager shall have the ability to waive this requirement in rare, necessary circumstances.
  11. The party renting the facilities is subject to adherence to applicable standards of behavior and law.

B.  Animals in School

Special Events
Special events involving animals must be approved by the principal at least two weeks prior to the event. If such an event is approved, a list of all animals to be present must be sent home to parents so as to ensure that no students will have allergies to the animals. If a student has allergies to an animal, the teacher is responsible for finding another environment for that student and providing opportunities to gain from the learning experience as other students who do not have allergies.

Classroom Pets
Teachers will be allowed to have classroom pets, if such pets pertain to the curriculum the teacher is offering. The teacher will be responsible for the care, clean up and well-being of classroom pets. Prior to bringing the pet into the classroom, the principal must approve of the proposed animal, then signed consent forms must be obtained from the parent/guardian of each student who would access the classroom. These forms must be submitted to the principal prior to bringing the animal into the school. The principal has the right to ask that the animal be removed at any time.

C.  Classroom Decor

Custom Paintings/Murals
Prior to any staff member permanently affixing any design or color to a classroom wall (i.e. painting, permanent markers, etc.), a plan for the design must be submitted to the principal for approval. The staff member should also be prepared to paint over any designs should the principal deem they are a distraction or no longer appropriate for the classroom.

Affixing Items to Walls
Methods for affixing any items to common school areas, such as hallway walls, etc., shall be prior approved by the principal. Methods of affixing typically approved would be sticky materials or tape which can be removed without leaving any holes of any kind or defacing walls by paint removal, etc. Methods of affixing requiring approval include, but are not limited to, staples, nails, tacks, or any objects requiring repairing, patching, or rebuilding surface areas to restore ready for painting.

D.  Hazardous Materials

The ensure that all chemicals and materials used in the care and maintenance of the building are stored and recorded in an appropriate manner. The school operations manager will ensure that appropriate documentation will be kept of the purchase, use, storage and disposal of substances designated as hazardous by local, state and federal authorities.

E.  Key Distribution and Control Policies

Keys and key fobs will be issued to employees at the beginning of the school year and will be collected at the termination of the school year from terminated employees. Employees are responsible for their keys and key fobs, and if they lose their keys they may be responsible for the cost of re-keying the locks on the building as well as the cost of additional keys. When utilizing keys to enter the building during non-business hours, the employee is responsible for ensuring the building is properly secured.

Adopted: May 5, 2020