-- 5800 -- NCA Transportation

A.  Student Transportation Services

The organization, in accordance with state law, shall provide free transportation for eligible students attending the organization’s schools. The school operations manager shall ensure that the transportation services of the school meet all of the guidelines established by the state of Florida, as well as the policies that pertain directly to the qualifications of bus operators and operational procedures adopted by the organization.

All eligible students with disabilities will be provided bus transportation by the organization between home and the special education program. Transportation for a student with disabilities will be provided between schools if the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team determines that such transportation is necessary as a related service due to the student's disability. Eligibility must be stated in the student's IEP.

B.  School Bus Safety

Safe transportation of students shall be the paramount obligation of the transportation staff. All procedures and rules developed by the administration shall be governed by this requirement. State and local laws pertaining to the operation of buses and vehicles used to transport students will be observed by drivers, students and staff.

All behavioral policies within this manual also are applicable to students while on school provided transportation. Transportation rules and regulations will be distributed annually to parents/guardians. Students will receive instruction for the safe loading, riding, unloading and emergency evacuation procedures.

The school operations manager or designee will file criminal charges of trespass against any person who unlawfully enters a school bus where entry is not approved by board policy or where the individual does not have written approval of the organization.

C.  Bus Driver Policies

The safety and welfare of our students is of paramount importance to the organization. Accordingly, no person will operate a school bus unless the person possesses a valid school bus permit and has complied with the regulations of the state of Florida and other regulatory agencies. In addition to the health certificate required for each current school term, the board may require evidence of continued good health from individual drivers at any time it deems necessary.

D.  Routes and Schedules

The administration will prepare and monitor organization’s bus routes and schedules. The school operations manager will initially approve all bus routes each school year; the final bus routes must be approved by July 30 of each school year. Buses will be routed with student safety, efficiency and economy as the controlling factors.

E.  Vehicle Inspection

The organization’s vehicles that are used to transport students will be inspected annually by state approved inspectors each school year.

Bus inspections conducted by school employees shall not be made more than sixty (60) days prior to operating the vehicles during the school year. Bus drivers and bus maintenance employees have the responsibility to inspect, report and remedy any condition of the school buses which poses an unreasonable risk of harm to students and staff.

Newly purchased, newly leased, newly placed into service, newly contracted vehicles or vehicles replaced under contracted services with a rated capacity to carry more than ten (10) passengers including the driver, and used to transport students, shall meet state and federal specification and safety standards applicable to school buses.

F.  Use of School Buses

School buses will be used only for the transportation of students to and from school or for school educational purposes.

Adopted: May 5, 2020