-- 5100 -- NCA Before and After Care

A.  General Policies

Hours of Operation
The school operations manager will establish and post the hours of operation for the before and after care program annually. Parents may drop off and pick up their students within the posted times.

The school operations manager shall annually develop a fee schedule to be used for the before and after care program as part of the annual budgeting process, and these fees and budget should be incorporated into the budget assumptions and approved by the governing board.

Emergency Closings/Delays
If school is delayed, released or canceled due to severe weather or emergencies, after care will also be canceled. If severe weather develops after after-care has begun, parents will be expected to make arrangements to pick up children as soon as possible.

Students wishing to enroll in before- or after-care must complete a registration form which documents important information. These forms must be completed prior to the student starting the program.

Consistent Use
When a family signs up for before and after care, they are expected to have consistent use of the service. Each child will have fifteen (15) days throughout the year, taken in one-week increments, where they are able to not use the service and not be charged. However, should they utilize more days than this they will either lose their spot or must pay for the service even if not used.

For more information, please refer to the Family Handbook.

B.  Student Expectations

Student Rules
Students are required to follow the rules of the before and after care program that will be distributed at the commencement of the school year and signed by the student and the parent(s).

Consequences for Misbehavior
Students who disregard the rules shall receive consequences within the program that will be identified on the rules that are distributed. Should the student’s behavior not improve, the parents shall be given written warning advising them that the student is at risk of no longer being allowed to utilize the before and after care services should their behavior not improve. The principal retains the right to use the school’s discipline policies as described within this policy manual for student misbehavior.

C.  Staffing Policies

Before and after care shall always have at least two (2) staff persons on duty while children are present. The staff will ensure that all children are supervised at all times. Procedures in effect during the normal school day regarding the supervision, safety, and accountability of staff and students remain in effect for before and after care.

Adopted: May 5, 2020