Deggy Guard Tour Steel Pen Solution

The Steel Pen is used to read Deggy Buttons and is then inserted into a Downloader so that the data can be transferred to Deggy Control or for PRO Management.
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    Deggy Steel Pen Reader - getting started

    The Steel Pen reader has an internal clock and memory powered by a 3 volt lithium battery that lasts up to 2 years. The Steel Pen reads the serial number of the button it comes into contact with, associating the current time and date. The Steel Pen holds up to 11,000 Button touches and requires a Downloader to transfer the data to Deggy Control or PRO Management. Choose your downloader option below and follow the setup guides.

    Software Installation & Registration
    Deggy Control

    Important Information
    Steel Pen Battery Change

    Steel Pen Specifications

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    Steel Pen + Downloading Station (DLS)

    The instructions linked below are for users with a Steel Pen Reader and Downloading Station (DLS). The standard DLS is plugged into the computer that has the Deggy Control software installed.

    How to use the Steel Pen and DLS Solution

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    Steel Pen + Remote Supervisor's Station (RDLS)

    Register, Program and Download RDLS
    Register Steel Pen & Buttons 
    Reporting Options
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    Steel Pen + Wireless Online

    Register, Connect and Download Wireless
    Register Steel Pen & Buttons
    Reporting Options
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    Steel Pen + DLS Online

    Download DLS Online data transfer software 
    Register, Program and Download RDLS
    Register Steel Pen & Buttons
    Reporting Options
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    Steel Pen + Online Downloaders PRO Management