How to Install and Register Deggy Control

Deggy Control is a Tour Data Management Software that is used to collect and store the Steel Pen Reader's data within its own Microsoft Access database file. The raw data can then be used within the Deggy Control software to create various reports with user specified parameters.

  1. 1

    Download & Install DEGGY CONTROL

    PRO Clients Do Not Download Deggy Control 

     Installing Deggy Control is Fast and Easy!
    • Check compatibility (before installation) 
    • Attain full administrative rights (before installation)
    • Download Deggy Control 5.3 
    • Maintain recommended settings (modifications are allowed)
    • Finish Installation & proceed to registering your hardware

    Installing DEGGY CONTROL:
  2. 2

    Registering Software - Company - Sites

    Register Software
    1. Open Deggy Control
    2. Go to 'Home’ tab  
    3. Click ‘Settings’ - Select ‘Account’ 
    4. Enter your company information - Click ‘Save’ 
    Register Company 
    1. Click 'Registers' - Select 'Companies' - registered companies listed 
    2.  Click 'New' enter company information - Click 'Save'
    3. To add additional companies to list - Click 'New'
    4. To change existing company - Click 'Edit'  
    Register Sites 
    1. Click 'Registers' menu - Select 'Sites' - registered site locations (addresses) listed 
    2. Click 'New' to add Site, enter name 
    3. Click drop-down to select 'Company'
    4. Enter phone, contact, email (optional)
    5. and address; Click 'Get Time Zone' for accurate Smart Map function, Click 'Save'