How to generate Gmail App Password

App passwords let you sign in to your Google Account from third-party apps. 
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    Folow the steps below

    1 - Sign in to your Google Admin console.
    2 - In the Admin console, go to Menu Security.
    3 - In the section How you sign in to Google, click 2-Step Verification > Get started.
    4 - If 2-Step Verification is already on, go to step 9, otherwise click Get started
    5 - Enter your password if required.
    6 - Confirm your phone number. Select How do you want to get the codes > Next.
    7 - Enter the code you have received on your phone. Click Next > Turn On.
    8 - Click 2-Step Verification.
    9 - In the section App passwords click >
     10 - Select app Other (Custom name).
    12 - Enter a custom name like "Deggy" and click GENERATE.
    13 - Copy the generate password and use it in the Deggy Control to configure your Email Server.