How to Download Data Online to Register Steel Pen & Buttons

There are few steps to get you started with registering both the Steel Pen and Buttons. 
  1. Touch the Pen to the unnamed/unregistered Buttons so their serial numbers are read by the Pen
  2. Download the Pen into the DLS which uses the DLS Online software to transfer data to Deggy Control
  3. Create Pen name on Deggy Control
  4. Download pending data to Deggy Control
  5. Register Pen 
  6. Open Download & Register Buttons
The following must be completed before preceding:
  • Download Deggy DLS Online (Cloud Pro) Software 
  • Download Deggy Control (tour management) Software 
  • Register Deggy DLS Online Downloader's Serial Number on Deggy Control
  1. 1

    Touch Buttons with Steel Pen

    OPTION - 1
    Create a list of locations where the buttons plan to be installed and label buttons for easy identification during installation. Install by mounting, touching with Pen and writing down the location names in a list in the order that the buttons were touched.
    1. Create list of locations where the Buttons plan to be installed
    2. Label Buttons for easy identification during installation 
    3. Mount Button & touch with Pen
    4. Write down the location name 
    5. Repeat and write list in order until all Buttons have been mounted and touched with the Pen

    Button 1 List/Label/Mount/Touch: Front Entrance
    Button 2 List/Label/Mount/Touch: Emergency Door Exit 1st Floor
    Button 3 List/Label/Mount/Touch: Button 3 - 2nd Floor Office

    OPTION - 2
    Install First
    Install Buttons while you 'walk the site' and touch buttons, no need for individual labels, just write a list for easy Button registration back at the data management software.                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. 2

    Download Pen with Deggy Online DLS software

    • Open Online DLS 
    Verify that the connectivity is as follows:
    1. Place Pen inside DLS
    2. Hold Pen in place and immediately remove Pen once the following popup flashes:  
  3. 3

    Create Pen name on Deggy Control

    1. Open Deggy Control 
    2. Click on Registers (drop-down) 
    3. Select Pens

  4. 4

    Download pending data to Deggy Control

    1. Open Deggy Control 
    2. Click on Downloads 
    3. Select Download by Deggy Web by Internet 
    4. Click Download 
    5. Pop-up will go through downloading data and disappear 
    6. Download menu will now have new download listed as "Pen Not Registered" 
    7. Select the download "Pen Not Registered" 
    8. Click on Register (right-hand-side)