How to register checkpoints after installation

  1. 1

    Install the checkpoints

  2. 2

    Read the checkpoints

    1. Using the Deggy app AI, read in order all installed checkpoints.
            How to read checkpoints with the Deggy Guard Tour AI app 
  3. 3

    Named the checkpoints on the Deggy Control AI

    1. Open the Deggy Control AI
    2. Click on the Tab the 'Synchronize Cloud' button. That procedure will download all your reads from the Deggy Cloud.
    3. Click on the Tab the 'Download' button.
    4. Click the 'Open Collection' button
    5. Select the checkpoint that you are going to name.
    6. Select the 'Kind of Button' as a 'Checkpoint'
    7. Click 'Ok'
    8. Named the checkpoint filling out the 'Description' field
    9. Select the Tour that the checkpoints belong. One checkpoint can belong to more than one tour.
    10. Select a 'Site'
    11. Click 'Save'
    12. Repeat the procedure for the other unnamed checkpoints
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