How to create Deggy Artificial Intelligence Fraud Detection Report

The Deggy AI Guard Tour was developed to solve the unreliable nature of the basic QR barcodes by engraving our steel checkpoints with QR codes and minimizing the need for checkpoint validity assessments with the Artificial Intelligence Reports which detect false reads. The AI uses analytics that “learn” patterns in datasets without being guided by an analyst (personnel).  

Deggy's  Artificial Intelligence Explained

The Deggy AI algorithm, a convolutional neural network, has been trained to learn the characteristic of cloned checkpoint photos once it is read by the AI app classifying it a "real" or "fake." The probability of accurate recognition can be higher than 90%, depending on the photo quality, resolution, illumination, and other patterns. The comparison data allows the system to continue learning and provides AI Fraud Detection Reports.

AI Reporting Explained

 The 'Deggy Checkpoint Fraud Detection by Round' report will show if the checkpoint has been cloned/duplicated. The algorithm analyzes a defined set of checkpoints during the selected timeframe considering all 'checkpoint reads' when determining individual validity providing enough data which can increase accuracy to 99%

  1. 1

    Checkpoint Fraud Detection by Round Report

    The Checkpoint Fraud Detection by Round Report will provide a complete log of suspicious checkpoints and related images for your analysis.

    1. In 'Reports' - select 'Checkpoint Fraud Detection by Round'
    2. Click 'Customize'
    3. Choose from 'Tour' - 'All', 'Group' drop-down or 'Selected (...)'
    4. Select 'Only tour with suspicious cloned checkpoint' which will only show tours that have discrepancies
    5. Select 'Dates' drop-down choose daily, weekly or monthly timeframe or 'Custom' for calendar view
    6. Click 'Print Preview' to review activity or view further saving, printing and distribution options - see Print Preview Options at the end

    Helpful Information 
    If not enough data, the 'There are not enough checkpoints for analysis!' message will be displayed. Increase the timeframe and try again.
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    Print Preview

    In Print Preview there are various options to review, save, print and email the visible report.

    1. Click 'Print' to print directly on the PC's default printer
    2. Click 'Email' drop-down, choose file format Word, Excel, .PDF to attach to email*
    3. Click 'Zoom' to view details closer
    4. Click 'Customize' to add filters to existing report
    5. Click 'Export' drop-down, choose file format Word, Excel, .PDF to save on PC
    6. Click 'Memorize' to save current report preferences selected e.g. date range, hardware, tours and to enable 'Scheduled Emails

    Helpful Information
    Click on 'Email' only if 'Email Server Settings' have already been setup for direct Deggy Control emailing under 'Settings'.  
  3. 3

    Memorize Reports and enable Scheduled Emails

    Memorizing reports saves the parameters for the report being viewed in 'Print Preview' e.g. a weekly Tour Map report, which can then be memorized for future reports utilizing the same parameters; with optional automatic 'Scheduled Email' distribution.

    Automatic Option
    How to 'Memorize Report' preferences and enable 'Scheduled Emails