How to Register and Program Steel Pen - DLS

The Steel Pen is registered by creating a name in the Deggy Control software. Once the name is created the Steel Pen is inserted into the Download Station (DLS) and its Programmed by following the steps below. Programming associates the name to the Steel Pen's unique serial number and syncs the date/time from your computer. 
  1. 1

    Create Steel Pen name

    Register Steel Pen
    Creating a name for the Pen(s) helps provide a more detailed report. If a Pen is not registered the message "Pen not registered" will appear when downloaded. 
    • Open Deggy Control software 
    • Under the Home tab, click on Registers (drop-down menu)
    • Select Pens
    • Click on New
    • Type in the name of the Deggy Steel Pen (recommendation: site or guard shift  name)
    • To associate a Site name>Click drop-down>Add new>type site information> Save
    • Select Site name or skip > Click Save
  2. 2

    Assign name to Steel Pen

    Program Steel Pen
    • In the Registers > Pens menu Select the Steel Pen's name that was created 
    • Place the Steel Pen inside of the DLS (snaps into place/hold down)
    • Click on Program on the right-hand side
    • Message “Programming OK”
    • Click OK
    • Remove Steel Pen from DLS
    • Proceed with Registering Deggy Buttons (if needed)