How to Register and Program Steel Pen - DLS

The Steel Pen is Registered by creating a name in the Deggy Control software. Once the name is created the Steel Pen is Programmed. Programming not only associates a name to the Steel Pen's unique serial number but also syncs the date/time from your computer. 
  1. 1

    REGISTER - create Steel Pen name

    • Open Deggy Control software 
    • Click on the drop-down Registers
    • Select Pens
    • Click on New
    • Type in the name of the Deggy Steel Pen (recommendation: site name)
    • To associate a Site name>Click drop-down>Add new>type site information> Save
    • Select Site name or skip > Click Save
  2. 2

    PROGRAM - link Steel Pen to name

    • In the Registers > Pens menu Select the Steel Pen's name that was created 
    • Place the Steel Pen inside of the DLS (snaps into place/hold down)
    • Click on Program on the right-hand side
    • Message “Programming OK”
    • Click OK
    • Remove Steel Pen from DLS
    • Proceed with Registering Deggy Buttons (if needed)